UC Davis Chancellor Katehi’s Walk of Shame

20 Nov
Check out this update from one of our UC Davis comrades.



At Davis tonight we stopped an unannounced press conference with Chancellor Katehi, an as yet unidentified Vice-Chancellor, and UCD Police Chief Spicuzza.  After some effort we gained entry to the building and immediately filled every square inch until press followed us outside.  In the following hours, as Katehi chose to remain inside, of her own volition, rather than leave and look into the eyes of those who were brutalized by police on her orders yesterday, hundreds more joined our stand.  As these joyous hours passed the crowd increased in size until we had upwards of 400 encircling the entire building, with pizza and a dj on the way.  Finally, sometime after dinner but before bed (time itself has become irrelevant these past few days much like sleep and studying) Katehi chose to come outside.  On her way out she was forced to pass our human chain which stretched for 3 blocks.  In complete silence we sat with arms linked looking into her eyes as she drove off, silenced.

In conjunction with yesterday’s events – when Davis students stood their ground and forced police off campus after their senseless and brutal response against non-violent protesters – and tonight’s amazing inversion of power, I feel we are at an entirely new point in our movement.  We experienced the extent of their authority with all its terror and violence.  I can say that as we are beaten and marched upon by riot squads wielding batons and firing chemical agents we lose our fear.  We lose our fear as the facade of power crumbles.  We lose our fear as we run to the rescue of the hurt, the threatened, and the vulnerable in defiance of administrative orders and disregard for concern of our own bodies.

Please, enjoy watching her walk of shame.
Immediately…we celebrated.


In Solidarity,


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