Great News: Election Appeals Have Been Dropped!

9 Oct

Academic Workers for a Democratic Union applauds the decision by the USEJ supporters who had previously lodged an appeal to the outcome of the last election, to withdraw their appeal.

As the appellants stated:
“We believe it is in the interest of our Local Union membership and the labor movement for us to focus our energy on building the power of our membership and on fighting off the attacks from corporate and right wing powers. At this time it is crucial to work on establishing unity rather than divisiveness.“

We too agree that focusing our energies on building the power of our membership and fighting corporate power should be the highest priority. This is true especially given recent weeks’ historic mobilization of youth and workers fighting to re-define our society’s priorities at the ongoing Wall Street occupations. Right now, we face a unique opportunity to fight against the cuts to our university and the public sector, to fight against the attacks on working people and unions across the country, and to unite our members behind this struggle for justice and equity.

We are pleased about the coalitions already formed within campuses, across campuses and across the community of people fighting for public education and for a more equitable society. We look forward to working with all academic workers, present and future members alike, to strengthen our movement.

As the appeals hearing with representatives of the UAW International is still going forward, we look forward to taking the time to continue discussing the elections procedures about which AWDU had raised concerns well before the last election took place. In our revitalized local, with more and more participants at every level, it is imperative that we continue our effort for all union procedures to be fair and as efficient as possible.


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