Election Updates and an Invitation!

2 May

We’re a pretty cheerful bunch down here in sunny southern California, so we’ll start with the invitation first.  We’re now on day two of monitoring ballot boxes, and things couldn’t be going better for us– though the boxes probably feel differently.  They’re lonely.  They just want to be counted.  They even started their own facebook page which you can find here– http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Abandoned-Ballot-Boxes/184009888312938.   So help them out by heading down to your union office to witness the abandoned ballots, write a letter demanding a fair vote count, and learn more about your union.  You could also just hang out with us, but we think the boxes are probably more desperate for your friendship.  You can sign up for a time by visiting our Wejoinin page at http://www.wejoinin.com/sheets/rdvck, but RSVPs aren’t required!  We’ll have folks here round the clock just watching….waiting….

Onto the news:  The folks over at awdu.org have updated the blog with several new posts about progress in resolving the election after the Elections Committee abandoned its job on Saturday.  Since they’ve done such a fine job of updating, and since we’re busy keeping an eye on these boxes, we’ll go ahead and link to their posts as a matter of expediency.

First update: people at Berkeley are indefinitely sitting down in the UAW office up there until the votes are counted.  Here’s the post on that story: http://www.awdu.org/were-in-the-uaw-statewide-office-until-our-votes-get-counted.

Second update: our own Kyle Arnone has been influential in bringing together more than fifty scholars in labor studies to sign onto a letter asking the vote count to resume.  Here’s that post: http://www.awdu.org/50-prominent-labor-scholars-call-for-resumption-of-the-vote-count.

Third update: seems that USEJ might just want to get these votes counted as well.  Here’s the post: http://www.awdu.org/time-to-resume-vote-counting.

We’ll keep you posted as more exciting things happen at 900 Hilgard (and those things might involve banjos).



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