Update from the Frontline!

30 Apr

We’ve got some positive news coming out of the UAW office this morning.  After bringing upwards of 25 AWDU volunteers, candidates, and challengers to the UCLA office yesterday, we have successfully put pressure on the elections committee to proceed to set aside most of the challenges that both AWDU and USEJ presented to the committee yesterday.

The elections committee divided the challenges into five categories: conduct, tallies, seals, new members, and eligibility. These five categories divide into two groups: ones held in suspense until the end of vote count (conduct, tallies, seals) and those resolved during alphabetization of the rolls (new members and eligibility).  Those held in suspense until the end of the vote count can still be challenged later after the end of the vote count. One box (UCLA Broad) will be left unopened because of the presence of spoiled ballots (no outer envelopes) until the end.  This challenge will be resolved if it will affect the election outcome after counting is finished.

New member challenges and eligibility challenges are the responsibilities of the respective challengers to make during the process of alphabetization.  Once the outer envelopes are broken, these challenges can no longer be made.  The alphabetization process has been opened up to an equal number of candidates and challengers to participate in under the supervision of the elections committee.

Once the votes have been tallied, the election committee will return to the general box challenges that have not been considered and rule on whether any of these votes should be disqualified. Once the box challenges have been settled, the election committee will then consider certifying the election, and reserve the possibility of not certifying the election because of the number of voting irregularities.

While we have gained temporary victory, it is important that we maintain our presence in the UAW office in the afternoon and into the evening when the final decisions on challenges will be made. We may expect further occasions of attack if it becomes obvious that AWDU is winning, as we hope. Hence we still need supporters, challengers, and candidates to come out in the afternoon and in the evening to relieve the folks that have been here for long hours, and to put more pressure on the election committee.

Erin, Yuting, and Zach


2 Responses to “Update from the Frontline!”

  1. Erin April 30, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    To be clear: they have set aside challenges, not challengers.

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