Emergency – AWDU Needs Your Help!

29 Apr

Note: Within 10 minutes of campaigning at the polls for AWDU on the first day of the election, I met Des Harmon. He tore the AWDU leaflet in front of my face – I’m sure this gives you a sense of where he stands. – Renee Hudson


We’ve got a real emergency.

I don’t know if we won this election.  But I also don’t know why else the current UAW administration would take their attempt to void the votes of hundreds of members that they think support AWDU(in an election where 3200 voted).  If we are going to get the real results, then we need as many people as possible to get to the UCLA Union office as soon as possible — 900 Hilgard Suite 312 at the corner of Le Conte.

Des Harmon, someone who is not a graduate student, not a teaching assistant, and not a member in good standing has challenged hundreds of ballots from Berkeley on grounds that are completely fabricated.  And the current UAW administration has the votes on the elections committee here to let this farce stand.

So at this point, I think the only way to make sure the votes get counted is to shame these people by shining a spotlight on this.  Please get down here to the office asap if there is any way you can.  Please reach out to media to call their attention to this.  Encourage media to contact President Daraka Larimore-Hall (805.403.8183) and ask why he is having members of his administration try to void the votes and voices of hundreds of members that they think support AWDU.

Members – please email Daraka Larimore-Hall and tell him to count all the votes! larimorehall@uaw2865.org

Feel free to call me — 510.220.1520.  But please get down here if there is any way you can.



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