Last Day to Vote!

28 Apr

Check out the UC Davis AWDU site!

Thursday, April 28th

UCLA Polling Locations: Young Research Library, Front Steps (10-4p); Broad Courtyard, Broad Sculpture (10-4p); Math Science Breezeway, North End (10-4p); Weyburn Terrace, Campus Bus Stop (5-8p)

Campus Unit Chair – Jeremy Schmidt (English)
Recording Secretary – Julia Tomassetti (Sociology)
Head Steward – Mindy Chen (Social Welfare)
Head Steward – Alexei Nowak (Comp Lit)
Head Steward – Yuting Huang (Comp Lit)
Head Steward – Hadley Suter (French)
Head Steward – Kyle John Arnone (Sociology)
Head Steward – Renee Hudson (English)
Head Steward – Zach Williams (Political Science)
Head Steward – Erin Conley (English)
Head Steward – Alex Zevin (History)

President – Cheryl Deutsch (UC-Irvine)
N. Vice President – Sara Smith (UC-Santa Cruz)
S. Vice President – Elliot Kim (UC-Riverside)
Financial Secretary – Charlie Eaton (UC-Berkeley)
Recording Secretary – Mandy Cohen (UC-Berkeley)
Trustee – Kyle John Arnone (UC-Los Angeles)
Trustee – Brenda Median-Hernandez (UC-Davis)
Trustee – Nick Kardahji (UC-Berkeley)
Guide – Blanca Missé (UC-Berkeley)
Sergeant at Arms – Jordan Brocious (UC-Irvine)


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