AWDU Election Information & Flyer

13 Apr

Download the flyer here.

STATEWIDE ELECTION. April 26-28, 2011

UCLA Polling Locations (applies to all days): Young Research Library, Front Steps (10-4p); Broad Courtyard, Broad Sculpture (10-4p); Math Science Breezeway, North End (10-4p); Weyburn Terrace, Campus Bus Stop (5-8p)

Campus Unit Chair – Jeremy Schmidt (English)
Recording Secretary – Julia Tomassetti (Sociology)
Head Steward – Mindy Chen (Social Welfare)
Head Steward – Alexei Nowak (Comp Lit)
Head Steward – Yuting Huang (Comp Lit)
Head Steward – Hadley Suter (French)
Head Steward – Kyle John Arnone (Sociology)
Head Steward – Renee Hudson (English)
Head Steward – Zach Williams (Political Science)
Head Steward – Erin Conley (English)
Head Steward – Alex Zevin (History)

President – Cheryl Deutsch (UC-Irvine)
N. Vice President – Sara Smith (UC-Santa Cruz)
S. Vice President – Elliot Kim (UC-Riverside)
Financial Secretary – Charlie Eaton (UC-Berkeley)
Recording Secretary – Mandy Cohen (UC-Berkeley)
Trustee – Kyle John Arnone (UC-Los Angeles)
Trustee – Brenda Median-Hernandez (UC-Davis)
Trustee – Nick Kardahji (UC-Berkeley)
Guide – Blanca Missé (UC-Berkeley)
Sergeant at Arms – Jordan Brocious (UC-Irvine)

Who we are
We are a statewide caucus of current graduate students who believe that our union, UAW 2865, has the capacity to lead in the fights to preserve accessibility to public education and to provide a high quality of life for students, workers, and student-workers, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or citizenship documentation for actual residents. While political-institutional channels are an important avenue for protecting and advancing accessibility to public education, we ultimately believe that students will need to prepare to mobilize for a broad movement to preserve the integrity of public education. In order to accomplish this, we believe that the union must practice democracy and inclusiveness at the campus level in order to build power at the campus and statewide levels.

What we have done
AWDU activists – at UCLA and across the state – have taken a number of steps towards realizing our goals. Here are a few that we’re proud of:
♦ Organized a campaign to reject the 2010 contract negotiated by the current UAW 2865 leadership. The contract let our actual take home pay decline in January and did nothing to stop the elimination of funding for fee remissions at UCLA
♦ Launched a campaign against the elimination of funding guarantees for graduate student instructors (GSIs) fee remissions with multiple grievances. Successfully delayed and forced concessions on UC’s elimination of funding guarantees at UCB as a first step toward reversing the policy statewide
♦ Stimulated the first election for Head Steward positions in recent UAW Local 2865 history, resulting in the complete posting of Head Steward positions at UCLA (and at several other campuses) in many years
♦ Designed a Workload and Employment Security Survey to determine the working conditions of Graduate Student Instructors and to build a campaign around workload and class size issues affecting GSIs and students across the state

What we will do
We will fight back against efforts to dismantle public sector unions and public education. The first step will be to make the union more democratic and welcoming by decentralizing decision- making in the union and revitalizing campus units, which – at UCLA – is all but defunct. The campus units should not only be a decision-making bodies but spaces for cultural and social events. AWDU activists have already taken steps to start a choir. By restoring democracy at the unit level, we believe we can harness the creativity, passion, critical thinking, and commitment of members in order to build a durable movement to preserve the integrity of public education. We have many more ideas (so please ask!), but what happens next will partly depend on the initiative and creativity of members themselves.


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